How to deploy SSIS Package? Step by Step SSIS.


1- SQL Server:

When a package is deployed to SQL Server, it is actually stored in MSDB database. The easiest way to deploy a SSIS package to SQL Server is by using Package Deployment Utility:





Need to select true value for CreateDeploymentUtility as highlighted below in figure. Once You make this option true  press OK or Apply Button.



Right Click on project and click Build

After completing these steps, go to bin -> Deployment folder of your projectís folder and double-click on .SSISDeploymentManifet file. This will launch Package Installation Wizard,which will get you through the necessary steps to deploy your package to SQL Server:









Create New Folder in MS DB (MyPackages)













Select Packages (Mypackages)->Next->Next



Click on Finish



Refresh MyPackages

2> Second way

Through File System ->Right Click on mypackages ->Import Package

Choose File System

Select Packages which you want to Load